The Culture of Quick Money in the UK

565188-loanillustrationjamalkhurshid-1371617621-162-640x480Loans in the UK can be taken either the traditional way, through your banking institution, or through loan companies and, the very popular trend these days, through online money lenders.

The convenience of applying online for a loan, in the privacy and comfort of your own home, or during your lunch break at work, may end up costing you slightly more in terms of the interest rate applied to your loan, and you may even need to pay it back over a shorter period of time, but for the average person needing a small, short-term loan, these costs are minimal when the convenience aspect is considered.

It’s tricky to take time off work, so when you need some cash in a hurry, looking at what is available online is usually a great place to find what you are looking for.

The loans market is very competitive.  More and more people need access to loaned money to address life’s unplanned events, because people are less inclined to save money for these unplanned events than they ever have been in the past.

We’re impatient, and when we see new things on offer, like the latest mobile phone, or car, or stereo equipment, it’s easier to apply for a loan than it is to save money and buy it when we have the funds available.

We’ve created a culture out of making debt.

Even people who have bad credit ratings will find a loan that is designed for them specifically as a niche market.  Of course, the worse one’s credit rating, the higher the interest rate that is charged by the lender, because they carry more risk.

So, are there good reasons to borrow money?

The short answer is ‘Yes’.

If you have had an unplanned life event that could not be foreseen, such as a family member that has become sickly or injured and now has special care needs, and your home needs to be modified, or your car, then applying for a loan seems like the best way to make the changes necessary in the shortest space of time.

Having to take a trip to attend a funeral abroad may also warrant a loan, or repairs to a vehicle so that it can run again, especially if you rely on that vehicle to be able to work.

The lenders of money certainly make it quite easy for you to access money quickly through the simplicity of the online applications processes and the speed with which they will respond to your application.

You need to keep in mind that borrowing money creates a responsibility for you, and you need to be sure that you are able to repay the loan as per the terms in the agreement made between you and the lender.

As easy as it is to borrow money, it is also that easy to get yourself into a situation where you can no longer meet all your financial obligations, so be mindful of your reasons for borrowing money and act responsibly when borrowing money.

Award Winning Lender in the Guarantor Loans Market

Could you be searching for a personal loan, but you do not own a home? Worry no more. Personal loans are dependent on the circumstances of an individual and do not depend on any assets that you own. All the lender is interested with is to know that:

•You have in the past had a clean record of paying off your credit in terms of loans, credit cards or overdraft

•That you have a dependable income that can be adequate for repaying your loan

Since personal loans are unsecured, they are therefore the perfect loans for non-home owners. With the falling of the UK homeownership, this is the best time to obtain a non-homeowner loan.

With the rise of different loan types available in the market place, it can be very confusing to make a choice on the best one for you. It is for this reason that one of the award winning lenders in the guarantor loans market, was designed as a one stop shop for loans. This lender offers all the information needed in helping you gain an understanding of the type of loans that could be ideal for your present circumstances. The company specializes in Guarantor loans which are unsecured personal loans for those having poor credit rating.

Non-homeowners loans are guarantor loans available to tenants and those people living with friends or family eligible for loans. These types of loans were designed for people with bad credit rating and non- home owners too. Unlike the home owner loans, the guarantor loans are not secured against any property. As such, you can be able to borrow money without having to be a homeowner and even though you have a poor credit rating.

How a Guarantor Loan Works

For guaranteeing the loan repayments, a guarantor loan demands that you have a family member, friend or colleague to be your guarantor. Therefore, it does not matter if one has a poor credit history or you don’t own any property. You need to borrow the money needed so long as your guarantor has a good credit history. Your guarantor may require you to be a home owner depending on the amount of money that you need to borrow.

Who is meant for a Guarantor loan?

The guarantor loans are an ideal solution for anybody who wishes to borrow an amount from £250 to £12,000 and whose repayment period is 1 to 5 years. While guarantor loans are ideal for people experiencing bad credit rating, they are also good for those people who want support in loan repayment. These loans are also preferable to payday loans since the rate of interest offered is low and also affordable.

Benefits of Guarantor Loans

Guarantor loans are a good way of rebuilding the credit rating since the loan will be in the applicant’s name as opposed to that of the guarantor. As such, upon completing the repayments, the credit rating is improved since the guarantor lender provides feedback to the credit rating agencies stating that you have repaid the unsecured loan successfully. This will be beneficial as it will help you obtain a loan in future. Most people take guarantor loans for purposes of improving credit rating.

Obligations of the Guarantor

For non-home owner loans, the guarantor, usually co-signs the loan agreement, hence meaning that their obligation is simply making repayments in case one is not able to. For one to be eligible as a guarantor, they must be resident in the UK and be earning not less than £500 every month and never to have been declared bankrupt. The stipulated minimum age for a guarantor is 25 years. The guarantor is also expected to have a good credit rating.

How Guarantor Lender is beneficial

We pride ourselves in the provision of hassle-free guarantor loans and at very competitive APR. All you need to do is fill an application form or give a call to our friendly advisors to establish the amount that you may qualify to borrow today.

12 Months Loan – An Excellent Way in Fulfilling Your Financial Needs

People need money to support their lifestyles whether facilitating the basic necessities of life like food, clothing and shelter or something more sophisticated like financing a project and bringing it to completion. Due to certain circumstances, an individual might not be able to raise the funds or have enough money to provide these basic facilities which could lead to hardship.  People work every day to earn their income in order to live or keep up with life challenges. Sometimes your income or savings might not be able to provide or buy what you need. At this point you might consider applying for a loan; when people hear the word loan, they complain that applying for a loan involves so much stress and difficulty, they say it involves so much documentation and the interest rates are so high that they are tempted to flee in the opposite direction.   Applying for and managing a loan need not be an alarming prospect, on the contrary it’s a saving grace. It helps you achieve your goals within a stipulated time.

Loans can be categorized into two major perspectives in relation to duration, the long-term loan and the short-term loan. If you need a quick loan with a convenient payback procedure, a short-term loan would be advised. A 12 months loan enables you the convenience of cash for your needs and the ability to repay the loan in installments. Acquiring a 12 months loan in the UK from 12loans provides you with easy access to funds to live your dreams whether that dream is a vacation or a shopping spree.  You don’t necessarily need collateral to acquire a 12 months loan because it is created for those who need financial assistance but you are required to have a stable job that would ensure you are able to repay your installments and you should be 18 years or older.

When you believe that you have exhausted all the financial avenues available to you, consider applying for a loan as it will relieve the stress attached to your financial position.  You can get funds within 24 hours if you meet a loan company’s requirements which include having a paying job that would enable you to repay the loan in 12 months and you have attained the age of 18. A loan helps you to fulfill your heart desires; it helps in paying your rents, school fees, financing your business and also spicing up your lifestyle. People have always thought that money can never buy happiness but availability of money sometimes influences an individual’s mood. When a financial problem has been solved through a loan, it puts your mind at rest at that particular time and helps you organize your thoughts and actions. When the mind is at rest and organized, it provides you with the energy to work in order to repay the loan through installments within 12 months.

Benefits and Risks of Debt Consolidation for those with Bad Credit

It is debt consolidation that is one of the most widely searched terms as many people are now facing difficulty in paying for their debts. This has been a perfect solution for those with bad credit.  Many people suffer from the effect of the bad economic situation happening from different parts of the globe. Aside from that, interest rates are continuously increasing. An increase in interest rate can affect people’s everyday spending. This is why it is important for everybody to become aware of the benefits as well as risks involved when it comes to loan consolidation.


It is loan consolidation that is considered as the most ideal solution to debt problems, it can help one to manage their payment for multiple debts into one repayment scheme with a lower interest rate for a shorter period of time if a monthly payment is increased. Aside from that, it can help in increasing your credit score and have a good credit report. This is if you want to bring back the trust of banks, financial institutions and credit card companies with your financial stability.

Another great thing about it is the ability to negotiate with your creditor for the best deal possible. Consolidation of debt is highly advisable for individuals with outstanding debt and has no means to pay for high interest rate. This is important for those with huge credit card debt. There is no need for you to issue a lot of checks every month, because with loan consolidation, you have to deal with one bill. In case your credit is still in good state, then you can take advantage of lower interest rate and become out of debt in the future.


However, there are problems that you might face with loan consolidation if you will not be very careful. You might find bogus lenders that can put very high interest rate of your loan that can worsen your current financial condition. There is also an issue once you turn your unsecured loan to secured debt. You must stay away from unreliable companies offering such loan. It is a must that you research about the history of particular lender and compare services to know which one can meet all your needs with low interest rate. This is to ensure that you are making an informed decision.

Consolidation is a solution for many, but there are people suffering from more financial trouble, because of this loan. They failed to do their job of checking and researching for a reputable loan provider. If you can find out what is debt consolidation, then you can really get out of debt and plan for a better future for your family. You can celebrate if you are successful in finding the best loan consolidation provider that can offer low interest rate and better terms. It means that you are a step closer to a debt free life. A good company will explain everything to you and will provide all necessary information that you need. In case you encounter one that does not elaborate information, then you must stay away from that company and look for another one. Credit Poor can truly be of help to you when it comes to bad credit.

Loan Help 101

There are many reasons as to why people would need loans. Loans are a great help in order to recover from a financial crisis that has depleted their income or even their savings. Loans give an immediate help to people who need money as soon as possible because there are loan applications that will easily give you the amount of money that you need in as fast as possible. Usually, these loans are found online. The fastest you can get approved is at one hour. You need to determine factors such as how much you want to borrow and how long you want to pay it back. Through an online calculator, you will be able to know if you will get approved. Check the My Loan website which will help you with your loan questions.

In the website, you will determine if you can get approved with your loan conditions. Also through myloan, you can get the best loan rate you could ever get in Singapore. Many people have been using this website to learn about the loan rates in Singapore, and what are the best third party personal loan providers that you could encounter. Also, through the loan calculator, you can select which amount would you want to borrow and it will be displayed on the online calculator. Usually the amount ranges fromS$1,000 up to S$100,000 while the term of the loan usually lasts up to 1 to 7 years. If you wish to borrow a larger amount of money for a longer period of time, you can directly speak to the lender and discuss the further details you need to know once you get approved.

There are just plenty of reasons why people need loans and these reasons are important to secure the finances of your family. What better way to manage finances slowly but surely through loans. Loans will help people in building their dreams such as being able to buy a new house, fund for a business, secure the finance for the education of the children, or health reasons among others. Through loans, you can get a fast and reliable way to be financially ready as you see the advantages of getting one. In the world where money is such a huge responsibility, anybody needs help so that they can get the best kind of life they can have. Through loan, one can make this happen.

Loaning your relatives or friends, is that a good Idea?

Is someone you know request you to be a co-borrower or guarantee a loan for them? Do not jump quickly on saying “Yes”. Analyze first what it means and how it is done. What is the definition of a co-borrower?  It is an extra borrower who materializes on paper with his or her income and credits analyzed if they can also meet the criteria in qualifying for a loan. If an agreement has been made by both the co-borrower and borrowers, they would be held responsible and accountable in repaying the loan. In case the borrower was not able to fulfill all of their obligations, you the co-borrower would shoulder the outstanding balance. If you’re being made a as guarantor, it means that you are officially answerable for paying back the entire and total loan if the borrower cannot or will not make the repayments.

Of course if someone you know especially if it’s your friend or a family that is experiencing financial difficulties, you want to be of help for them. What should you do? You have to carefully make the decisions for it would likely to affect your relationship afterwards. You have to think and mull over certain important factors like if worst comes to worst, can you and are you willing to pay the debt? This would also risk your finances thus you have to assess and carefully plan your next steps.

After weighing the pros and cons, and you’ve decided to offer yourself as a guarantor or co-borrower, you have to interview the person you’re about to lend. Ask why and where they would use the money for. Sometimes, when it’s used for luxurious purchases and extravagant holiday trips abroad, you might want to hold back and analyze if it’s really the best option of lending him/her the precious and hard earned money you have only to be used for not so important matters. Assess the capacity of the person if they can repay the amount. Do they have any jobs or other payment methods that can help them to regularly pay you in terms of your agreed amount and time?

Once all terms have been laid and discussed thoroughly, draft an agreement which comprises all the conditions of the loan. State the amount of the loan to be given, how much the interest rate would be, and you can also include if you would add fees and charges. You can also discuss if they want any collateral if incase you would be forced to pay all of the debts and loans. Create also the length of payment and how the payment would be made, is it monthly or every 2 months depending on your agreement. It is recommended that you create a promissory note, if in case any legalities or the borrower left you, you won’t end up losing not only your trusted person but also your money. Create a promissory note stating all legal affairs and have your note notarized before you bestow the allotted cash. You can also lookout and recommend other financial if incase you wouldn’t be able to offer a loan: